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Our Services

LivingFalls BioPower Ltd is specialized in the construction and operation of biogas digester networks and other renewable energy sources throughout the country. The company has developed such operations for the Southern water and sewage company Id which is currently under operation in Livingstone and for other individuals and private firms. These and many other projects throughout the country have made LivingFalls BioPower team acquire practical experience in the Construction of Biogas Digesters, Biogas designed septic tanks and management of waste in general. LivingFalls BioPower Ltd is also one of the leading companies in Zambia spearheading the development of Renewable energies in Zambia and particularly Biogas.

Biogas Digesters

We build tailor made biogas digesters to fit your purpose for energy, sanitation requirements or fertilizer needs.

Biogas is a combustible mixture of mainly methane and carbon dioxide, commonly referred to as biogas, produced as a result of anaerobic digestion of organic wastes in the digester - the heart of any biogas digesters.

Bio fertilizers

Originally sewage sludge is a good agricultural fertilizer. Its nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content are much higher than manure. It contains many kinds of molecules coming from proteins and peptides, lipids, plant macromolecules with phenolic structures, along with organic micro-pollutants and mainly microbial cells that are complex polymeric organic materials. And as a kind of organic waste, the organic compounds inside are also capable of promoting plant growth.


Energy is the backbone of every functional economy. in contrast with solar pv or wind power, biomass power technology can generate electricity on demand at any time, as long as a sufficient supply of feedstock is assured. biogas is used as fuel for combustion engines, which convert it to mechanical energy, powering an electric generator to produce electricity. can be used in nearly all types of combustion engines, such as gas engines (otto motor), diesel engines, gas turbines

Other Services

Biogas is compatible with any gas appliances.-all gas appliances use biogas.

Installation and maintenance of sewage reticulation

Waste Collection Services


EIAs and Environmental and Waste Management Consultation Services.



We care, we take a personalized approach to each customer, and our management team is never more than a phone call or email away.

Digester is Built to Serve as Septic Tank but gives you endless energy for Cooking, Heating, and Electricity Generation

Sanitation Solution- Where sanitation is an issue.

Organic fertilizer for your garden- Free, readily Avalaible.

It’s a Lifetime Investment providing Long Lasting Construction and Free back up services during warranty period from our Team